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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Find Out what You Really Like when Dating

You need to try out different personality types

You may feel like you know exactly what kind of woman would be proper for you to have a relationship with, but sometimes it can be surprising when you find out that what you thought you wanted, isn’t really what you actually like. The more personality types that you actually spend time with, the more likely it is that you are going to figure out exactly what you like and what kind of woman that you want to be around.

You need to try out different places to meet women

In order to really get a taste of different personality types, you need to try out different places to meet women. People tend to go to places where others like them hang out, so if you go to the same bars and clubs, you are probably going to meet women that tend to be kind of similar. That’s not always a bad thing, but if you really want to get a chance to see what kinds of women you would like to date, you might want to try out multiple places to meet women.

You need to be honest with yourself and not feed into what other people think you should like

I was having a conversation with a guy who really did seem to know what kind of woman he liked, but for some reason, he seemed to think that what others thought mattered more than what he thought. What it came down to was that he liked women that were fit and good looking, and there were people in his life that were telling him that was shallow. Well, you know what? Let them think what they want to, because they are not the ones that actually have to date the women that you do. Be honest and admit what kind of women you are attracted to and don’t worry about other people’s opinions so much.


Questions to Text a Guy

What are you doing right now?

It’s simple, it’s straight to the point and it can give you a good idea on what he does with his time. Plus it opens up the possibility for you to let him know what you are up to and if you both happen to not be busy at the time that you are texting him, it can set things up for a chance to meet with one another.

What are you doing this weekend?

This is good for setting up a possible date or hang out with him. If he responds back with something along the lines of “nothing” then you know that you probably have a good chance of being able to talk him into hanging out with you. And you might also find out something interesting about him, because lots of guys get into their hobbies on the weekend and that will help you to find out what he is interested in.

What are you thinking about?

Okay, so some guys might find this to be an annoying question. However, some won’t and for those kinds of guys, you might be able to get to know a little bit more about him if he chooses to tell you what he is thinking about. If he says that he is thinking about you, then that is probably a really good sign that he might like you. So, this isn’t a bad question to text a guy you like.


Asking a Girl Out?, Here Things Not to Do

Become super-invested in her

This is a biggie, both when you’re first starting to know her and when you actually ask her out. When you’re established attraction with her – a must-do before asking any girl out – you want to give off the impression that you could take her or leave her. Girls want a bit of a challenge. In the same way, when asking her out, don’t become too emotionally-invested in her answer of “yes” or “no.” If she feels like it is for you, it’ll put too much pressure on her and she’s get scared.

Be shy

Oh, if girls see a guy who is shy and not very fun, they just can’t wait to hang out with him some more, right? Show her that you’re a fun guy to hang around with, and that if she wanted to, the two of you could have some fun together.

Be a follower

There’s a reason why every girl in high school was attracted to the captain of the football team. Girls love leaders. Show off your leadership ability before asking a girl out by organizing a large event with your friends and inviting her along, or just going to the same party and talking to a whole lot of people. Girls like guys who are comfortable in their own skin.

Ask her to go to a dinner and movie

This has become the worst date possible. Not only is it the most un-original and boring type of date out there, but it suddenly puts this extra legitimacy to the date, which can scare her off for good. Come up with something a bit more original, guys.

Ask her to go to something, sometime

So many guys hate putting themselves out there and specifying a specific thing to do to, so instead of actually asking out a girl they’ll say something like “do you want to do something sometime?” Oh, girls just can’t WAIT to be asked a vague question like that. Come up a plan – which you can use to your benefit, since you can put yourself in the situation that makes you look the best – and ask her to it. If she says “no,” that’s her problem.


Misconceptions About Black Ladies Who Like White Men

….it’s not always what you think it is

There are some things that other people could assume about the African american woman walking alongside a white male. People may perhaps suppose that the simply reason she is with him is meant for the cash he has to offer her. They might also deduce that she can’t find a African american gentleman caused by the reported black male scarcity and the white guy is her next resort. She may be viewed as one in all those black girls who has been injured by African american males so much that she refuses to date African american men anymore. The African american society, particularly, could think that she selected a white man for the reason that she needs to have light skinned babies with curly hair.

Some African american girls possibly will fall into one or more of those different types, but it is more universal that the African american woman finds a indisputable connection with a white male who at least shares her interests and clicks with her personality.

Things You Must NOT Do When Approaching a Black Woman

The No-nos

Whether you meet her on the street or on an Online Dating Site remain the following in mind.

Don’t come near her with any line resembling, “Are you into white guys?” African american females find that irritating as well as it drips with insecurity as it says that you are only waiting to be rejected based on your face color rather than relying on what you have to proffer.

Do not make too much remarks about her body or supposed “black traits” upon first meeting. One thing black females worry about when it comes to interracial dating is being used as a fetish or test.

Don’t guess that she will be impressed that you love rap music or worship President Obama. She is an individual and might not be into hip hop. She might even be a Republican. Thus be yourself with do not attempt to show anything more than that you are a good man for her.