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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Tips to Flirt with Girls

If a girl is talking to you, then she’s interested. Plain and simple. But if you’re not going to show interest in her by flirting with her, then she’s just going to assume you have a girlfriend or are just not that into her, and she’s going to find someone who is.

How Do You Flirt?

So, enough about why flirting with girls is important. Now I’m going to show you how to flirt with women.

There are four keys to keep in mind:

  • Use body language to assist your flirting.
  • Make sure to tease her for a bit.
  • Use funny and playful banter to keep her interest.
  • Use people-watching as a way to build a bond between the two of you.

These four points, and many more, are detailed further in my free 27-page document entitled “Make Small Talk Sexy.” It will show you just how to use these four keys and what other tools in your toolshed you have at your disposal to make your flirting lines more effective. It will allow you to take a conversation that is boring and going nowhere, and turn it into a sexy act of flirting within seconds.

So don’t be that guy left at the bar alone again while she ends up going home with someone else. (Who, really, is just better at flirting with girls than you are.) Learn how to flirt by heading here and learning more information about the product.

Undesirables You might Find in a Chat Online


Often encountered by the younger aficionados of chat online sites, these douchebags just want to pretend they’re great when they’re not. You might see them spouting chat online about how rich their dad is, how high they can jump on their skateboard and the hotness of the girlfriend who lives out of town who nobody has ever seen. Deflate them by saying you spoke to their mom and none of it was true.


When you chat online you will often find these tricky customers. There are different types but the common theme is that they’re looking for something. Some of them want sex and think a chat online site is the best place to find it. Airbrushed, unrealistic profile photos are usually a pretty good sign. Try copying the image and putting it through Google image search. Sometimes all they want is bank details so don’t give these out online.

Desperate Losers

This specimen can be encountered by people of any age or culture while they chat online using social networks. That guy who you added as a friend for a reason you can’t remember who has nothing better to do than start an inane conversation with you. Perhaps that girl who you dated for a short time about three years ago who suddenly wants to chat online with you now she is single and nobody wants her anymore? Dismiss with a curt ‘block’.

Drunken People

You might not always want to avoid this, especially if you have had a few beers yourself. Drunk people can be very entertaining when they chat online so even if you’re sober you might want to humour them for five minutes or so. But their poor grammar and constant repetition will no doubt become tiring. If you want to throw them off, tell them you’re coming over with a couple of six-packs and some reefer.


Singles Over 50 Dating Tips

# Think positive, focus on what exactly you want to find, a date, your soul mate, activity partner or the right person for life, then act.

# Keep in mind that you are a worthy catch, you know who you are, you have a certain level of comfort in the world, you’ve probably mastered a career or some role in life.

# Dress up age-appropriate, but modern, if you are fifty, you don’t have to wear gray or shapeless cloths, you have to feel comfortable in you’re wearing.

# Find a hobby. Something entertaining and interesting, where you can meet a lot of like-minded singles, to talk with and spend great time together. There are plenty of places to chill and meet mature local singles.

# Be outspoken, friendly and funny, positive people always attract other people attention.

# Make a list of thing you’d like to achieve, and also make a list of things you’d like to improve in yourself.

As you can see dating at 50 is only a beginning of a new page in your life, so make it unforgettable with your significant one.


Tips for You To Consider with LDR

# Believe in yourself, your partner and the relationship

Your strong conviction about yourself and your partner in LDR should not be swayed by others opinions. If you believe that such a relationship will work in your case nothing can break it.

But if you lose faith and entertain negative thoughts, nothing can save your relationship.

# Set back is a way to strengthen your relationship

In the case of LDR, chances are scarce for a perfect love life, where set backs are likely. Hence all setbacks should be taken as opportunity for making the bond stronger.

# You can choose to win or lose

The human trend is to view the negative sides of all issues for which, lack of self confidence and uncertainties are the basic causes. Hence you alone cannot be blamed for it.

The fact is that most of the couples in LDR, express similar concerns. But the truth is that the rate of chances of success of LDR is no where less than in any other relationship. When experts quote that the rate of success in distance relationship is 85% that itself is no indication that the balance of 15% is likely to fail. Instead, identify yourself in the success chart of 85%.

# Opportunity in distance

The physical distance may be giving less occasions for more intimate activities like holding hands, hugging, kissing and sex in a LDR, but it provides opportunities to rediscover the personalities of each other. It is an occasion for you to develop your personality and abilities by joining for courses that both your self and your partner may like to undergo.

In fact the distance will put to test your integrity, patience and love for your partner in a long distance relationship. Hence never concentrate on what you can’t do in LDR, but do think what you can contribute for fortifying your bond from a distance. Your happiness will really depend on the option you choose.

# Problem in communication

For making or breaking a relationship, communication plays a key role. People mostly entertain a false notion that they can’t succeed in this effort due to lack of time and the costs involved. But never go to the problems, instead look into the opportunities at your hand to effectively communicate from a distance.

Develop a skill to sharpen your communication capacity from a distance. For this you can depend on the latest technology like internet, VOIP phone and email etc. All these are evidences to show that you can have your own choice to strengthen the love you have for your partner and your choice only makes the difference.